Zookoban is a 2d puzzle game in which you help your animal pals escape the zoo.

All the animals have different skills and characteristics - elephants trample down trees, kangaroos jump over obstacles, beavers build dams and zebras are stripy and horsey-shaped. To escape, they'll have to work together!

Rated 3.9 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
AuthorRobin Johnson
TagsAnimals, blocks, Cute, Pixel Art, wholesome
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen

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Great job on level design. Some of the later levels took some thought to complete.

Thank you!


where the fuck is the polar bear

played this game through 

2 hours

I expect a fucking polar bear


(I'm sorry for my harsh words earlier. This is a very fun and charming game. I simply had a lot of anticipation for the polar bear.)


My apologies for the egregious lack of polar bears in this game. I actually coded a polar bear but by some astonishing blunder I haven't included one in any of the levels. It can walk safely on ice like the penguin, but is "strong" so it can push multiple crates.

I hope you've enjoyed the game all the same, despite its outrageous dearth of arctic ursine predators. No promises, but I'd like to do a level pack update for Zookoban at some point, which would definitely address this defect.


This game is so fun! What a great combination of sokoban and fun zoo animal abilities, feels like a really nostalgic game even though it was only released last year. An instant zooclassic


How do I beat Lateral Slinking? I can't figure out how to get the crates to form a bridge.

Please can I have a reassurance that Castly Rock is solvable?  It's driving me mad >:(

It is. There's a particular combination of animals' abilities that you need to use.

Finally!  Am glad I perservered.   More levels now plz :D

Ah I found this game here! I played this game at y8 before but it's removed so I had to search to find it here :)

Anyways, this game can also be called Zooperation since the animals area cooperating to get out :D

I love cooperative games like this :D

Thanks, glad you're enjoying it! Y8 were using (and monetising) it without my permission, something they seem to have form on.

I'm only seeing Credits when I try to start playing :  (

Hmm, that's not right. What browser are you using? Do you have Javascript enabled and cookies/local storage allowed?

It's Chrome. I keep telling it it's allowed to set cookies, and then it reloads blocking them again. No idea what I'm doing wrong.

Will there be a downloadable version?


Yeah, that's the same result I'm getting. Firefox Private Browsing.

I tried Safari and it worked and it's so fun wow?? I'm maybe a little stuck on tame 7 tho

What browser did you test this in?

Chrome and Firefox 

I can't figure out how to play. What's the first button to click/key to press to get into the game?

The green '1' to start playing from that level.

I don't see that button. Can you show me a screencap of what you see when you start the game? My email is bushwah@outlook.com, or if you know how to do image embeds here you can do that.

I notice also on your creator page versificator.itch.io, the link to your paypal is a duplicate of the link to your amazon wishlist.

On mobile screens you might have to scroll down.

Thanks for spotting the bad link!

Nope, I just don't see any of the levels except "Credits"


This game was such a blast. I sat down expecting to just play a couple levels but ended up going through all 20 of the "tame" ones. I was hooked as soon as I saw the giraffe could extend its neck as a bridge for small animals to use, haha. The mechanics fit really well with the theme and the puzzle design was really solid!