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With Hamlet, I've completed moving all my games to itch. (I haven't finished telling everyone that, or linking from my old site to here, but one thing at a time.)

Hamlet is the first game I released, nearly... yikes... 17 years ago. I made it in response to a post on The Internet Oracle, speculating what an Infocom-Shakespeare mashup might look like. It was featured in the b3ta newsletter and made it onto Neil Gaiman's blog, which darn near blew up my webspace provider. I woke up to a dozen messages asking how to find the newt. That was a bad puzzle. In fact, it wasn't even the newt-finding puzzle that was bad; it was another puzzle that led you to a part of the world that contained the newt, and most players didn't even realise it was there. It went on to be featured in the Guardian, the Scotsman, Channel 4 and a bunch of places I've forgotten.

I've made a couple of changes, adding better hinting for the worst of the puzzles – yes, with some diligence, it should now be possible to find the newt by means other than sheer luck – and some cosmetic changes for that authentic 17th-century amber-screen DOS look.

If you enjoy Hamlet, please check out my other games. Some are type-in adventures like this (parser games, to use the jargon); some use a clickable interface that mimics a parser game – as best I could manage – without the need for a keyboard, so you can play them on phones and tablets. I'm also branching out into grid-based 2d graphical puzzlers, because you have to keep up with the times.

The game, like all my games, is free/pay-what-you-want; donations are always welcome and never obligatory. While I'm here, I'll also plug my Patreon. There, for pledging a small donation for each game I make, you can receive early access to my games, plus exclyusive feelies – electronic and/or physical – in the style of the text-adventure masters of yore.

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Dec 06, 2019

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