Push the blocks to the goal squares, just like in certain other non-copyright block pushing puzzle games, but with one crucial new feature: time travel!

Your job is to push the barrels of anachronium into the isotemporal containment fields (white boxes). To assist you in this task, the temporal warehouse has been furnished with a variety of time warps, which allow you to work more efficiently in co-operation with your own past and future selves.

For your own safety and others', please observe  the following rules:

  • Barrels can only be pushed, not pulled.
  • You can only push one barrel at a time.
  • Do not collide with, or be directly seen by, your past self. This will result in a type III (collapsed loop) temporal paradox which will create fractures in spacetime and cause the universe to be incinerated.
  • No food or drink in the warehouse.

CONTROLS: HJKL, WASD or arrow keys to move. Space to wait. Z to undo. R to restart level.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorRobin Johnson
Tagsblocks, Pixel Art, Sokoban, Time Travel


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This game was really great! I had a lot of fun solving each puzzle, and also enjoyed the simple, yet effective, artstyle.


This is great fun. Anyone who likes puzzles should play this game.


This was a lot of fun! Some of the puzzles are pretty tricky but all of them were satisfying, interesting, and unique. There's a lot of depth to the time-travel mechanic! Here's my playthrough :)


Haha, this game was a blast to play! Challenging to be sure but very nice. I made a video for the gameplay for anyone curious about it. Good work! 

Could maybe use a little polish but, I enjoyed it.