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Me again - are there any hints? I can't find any. I'm, stuck! (on 58%, just so you know I'm not asking lightly!)

I've finally re-added the hints - you can see them by typing HINTS. Enjoy!


Woohoo, thanks!

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Hello - it's not saving cookies. This is Chrome on Windows (I get the same in IE on Windows):

> save game1
Game saved to cookie GAME1.
Type RESTORE GAME1 to carry on from this point.

> restore game1
Cookie GAME1 not found, sorry.
(Type DIR to see a list of cookies.)

> dir
No cookies found.

I can see some cookies in Chrome settings.

Thanks for any ideas! Love the game!

**EDIT Save/restore seems to work fine in Portcullis and The Xylophoniad.

I believe I have fixed this now, thank you! The game is so old it was using document.cookie rather than localStorage, and modern browsers don't seem to like the former any more.

Glad you're enjoying the game!

Yes I was just about to say either you've done something or I have! Working fine now!