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This is a fun concept for a game. I enjoyed playing it with the group on Sunday.


I enjoyed this a lot - one note I had, though, that might be a bug (i'll put it in rot13 to avoid spoilers):

V pbhyqa'g svaq nal zragvba bs gur pnaqrynoen va gur qrfpevcgvba bs rvgure gur Grzcyr be gur nygne - V bayl xarj vg jnf gurer sebz ybbxvat ng gur uvagf.

Really cool concept and I'd love to see an expanded version of this.

Good spot! Fixed. Glad you enjoyed the game.

How do you get Mr. Clavicle to play Handel's Opening Number? Whenever he sits down at the organ he always improvises. He doesn't want the sheet music, either.


This is covered in the hints, under "The music room". Using rot13 to hide spoilers: 

Unir lbh chg gur zhfvp ba gur zhfvp fgnaq?

Vf Ze Pynivpyr'f unaq fgvyy vawherq? Ur pna'g cynl cebcreyl gvyy vg'f svkrq.


Nu, gunax lbh. Pna’g oryvrir V qvqa’g abgvpr n zhfvp fgnaq! Gur tnzr vf njrfbzr, ol gur jnl. Nyy lbhe tnzrf ner.

Thank you!
V nqqrq n ovg gb Ze Pynivpyr'f qvnybthr fb gung vs lbh TVIR uvz gur furrg zhfvp ur'yy fhttrfg lbh chg vg ba gur fgnaq (nygubhtu lbh jba'g frr vg hayrff lbh erfgneg lbhe tnzr)

What did you used to make it? 


Javascript and lots of tea :-)